Tim Peery

Director of KOZM llc, also CEO/CTO of ESG Inc.

Has worked under NASA, US Air Force, DOE and other agency contracts on:

•      Vacuum hyper-insulation for Titan and Venus probes,

•      Passively-cooled high-temperature superconducting space electrical extension

•      LN2-fueled vehicle engine using unique positive-displacement expander

•      65K & 11K Stirling cryocoolers for sensors on satellites, room & heat-powered truck refrigerators, window & electric car a/c, and Stirling-engine power systems for Pluto probe

•      Fusion reactor heat exchanger, AMTEC cells, EDM slotting machine & Malone cooler

•      Shape changing airframe for optimal drone aerodynamics under all flight conditions

•      Algae production systems for nutrition and biofuel

•      Water-hammer rock drill, mine emergency shelter and composite layup machine

•      Unique word-at-a-time computer input device

Has extensive, broad experience in thermal, fluid dynamic, structural, electrical, acoustic, mechanical & production engineering for wind turbines, cluster tool, X-ray lithography, & many consumer, industrial and medical products and equipment