Tim learned to read at the age of three. His parents would say the sound of each letter as he pressed them on a typewriter. He doesn’t remember this technology-assisted learning process or the illiteracy it overcame. When he was four, he began Kindergarten at the progressive Antioch School, a hands-on place with no grades, or Grades, or set curriculum. A one-on-one with his Younger Group teacher showed him how much quicker it was to add with digits than dots. He did three years at the democratic free school Shaker Mountain before entering public high school as a 16-year-old, 5’2” senior, getting his first grades and 4.0 GPA. 

He used his engineering degree from UW-Madison to design industrial machinery, commercial ovens, consumer products, as well as quality assurance, synthetic speech, and educational software. A stint at Creare, an innovative aerospace engineering consultancy, allowed him to analyze, optimize, design and test technological advances such as Stirling cryocoolers, engines, and heat powered heat pumps, a superconducting space power cord, undersea rock drills, a user interface for FEA software, AMTEC cells and a fusion-reactor diverter-vane heat exchanger.  He coached his three daughters to at least 10 Odyssey of the Mind state championships in creative problem solving.  

After striking out on his own, he had the opportunity to work on a new cluster tool and X-ray lithography stepper, 100kW wind turbine, and IR laser spectroscopy system. Tim obtained grants for a composite fabrication system, an ultra-high performance thermal barrier, an isothermal expander for an LN2 engine, an automated composite layup machine, as well as a shape-shifting drone. He led a team in lexical study, design, styling, prototyping, and software architecture, as well as human-subject testing, for new computer input device that allows writing of entire words at a stroke, which he also used to compose the final report. 

Tim runs a company applying advanced engineering and aerodynamics in the design of consumer products and maintains a constant stream of creative music, art, fiction, and design projects.