The KOZM Plan

A Comprehensive Suite of Energy and Conservation Technologies for Achieving Sustainability.

SHELTER:   Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) & Efficiency Windows (VIEWs) for buildings, cooled & heated spaces, and tanks; as well as structurally-integrated VIP solar roof for hot water, light, & electricity;  concepts to allow smaller, expanding living & working spaces including all-in-one appliance.

TRANSPORT:    Highly aerodynamic, efficient passenger and cargo vehicles & carriers, and shape-changing aircraft.

ENERGY:   Heat-powered Stirling machines that produces cooling, heat and electricity, buoyant inflated wind turbine kites, a floating breakwater that collects wave-energy and a continuous tidal-energy system.

THE REST:   Airfoil fans & optimized blowers for 2x more efficient ventilation; communication, interface, knowledge, learning and other information innovations to reduce the need for energy use.