KOZM is a group of professional problem solvers and collaborative creators bound by a dedication to making technology work for people everywhere.

Human need compels us to do what we can to make things better for people. There are more immediate ways of helping, but for broad, long-term improvement, there's nothing like technological change.

We wade through a world of dirty, outmoded machines and products, degrading and destroying, dumped on us by slovenly, small-minded conformists.   How rare to find to find something that does not disappoint you with its defects and poorly thought out design! While creativity is wasted on entertainment and esoteric arts, real problems fester and providers of products and services starve for imagination. We hold to a vision of a world where technology is not a frustration or a scam, but it serves as the power to become what we were meant to be.

Problems exist to be solved, once and for good, not milked with incremental improvement and backstepping fads and fashion. Revolution happens when intelligent beings transcend their own evolution. We look for quantum improvements, 2-10 times better performance, and usually find it.

We’re not looking for the Next Big Thing, or the one after that. Gazing at the technological horizon, we aim as far beyond as imagination can lead knowledge. Thinking big: past barriers, boundaries and borders. Then we apply the hard-nosed engineering and run the numbers.

Always keeping a global focus, with international work and development experience, our team is spread around the world and growing. Good ideas are for everyone!